Good times

Hear about celebrations and outings.

Page link: A Royal Visit
A Royal Visit
The opening of St. Peter's Church Centre
Page link: Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night
... bonfires that you couldn't believe the size of!
Page link: Carshalton Carnival
Carshalton Carnival
Still going strong.
Page link: Coronation Day 1953
Coronation Day 1953
A Great Celebration
Page link: Street Parties
Street Parties
A great feature of community life
Page link: Sundays
The other six days of the week were fantastic
Page link: The Gaumont, St. John Ambulance and
The Gaumont, St. John Ambulance and "Hitler"
"We come along to Saturday morning. Greeting everybody with a smile"
Page link: The Littlehampton Outing
The Littlehampton Outing
One great day of fun
Page link: Treats at Hatfeild's
Treats at Hatfeild's
"... and he gave us bunches of roses for our mothers"