You're Only Young Once!

Teenage fun

Youth clubs were often held in the schools and there was dancing at the British Legion Hall at Morden and at HIll House.  Older teenagers enjoyed going farther afield for their fun - Wimbledon Palais and The Locarno at Streatham were popular venues.

The Phoenix Youth Club

Linda Hackett remembers

Juke Boxes and Parties

Patricia Jennings remembers

Photo:Dance at the British Legion Hall, 1953

Dance at the British Legion Hall, 1953

Image reproduced by permission of Merton Library & Heritage Service

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A number of youth clubs were established on the estate - the Century and St Peter's amongst them. Adam Faith the singer opened the coffee bar at the St Peter's club and I can remember wearing an African Violet coloured two piece - V necked top and straight skirt - and feeling very grown up at the time. As time went on the lure of Wimbledon Palais and the Streatham Locarno overtook the pleasures of the local youth club but an abiding memory is of a boy we called Elvis - always dressed in the Teddy Boy style who would dance the night away on his own -- he seemed to have limitless energy. I wonder if he is still about.

By Val Newman
On 10/11/2010

i remember Elvis , but i don't know if he is still about. I also remember seeing Adam Faith as well. The lady that helped run St Peters was also called Faith.

By bob munday
On 15/02/2011

Who remembers the Jive Shack in Middleton Road, it was run by the caretaker Mrs.Hickey. She was a very strait laced lady who would stand no nonsense from the local lads, and most respected her for it. It was a popular place on Sunday evening, where we could listen and dance to the latest 78's from the US. Bands like Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Louis Jordan and Harry James. This was the music that we had been starved of during the war, music that was hardly ever heard on the BBC. Happy days

By Peter Leonard
On 18/03/2011

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