The Gaumont Entertainers

Entertainment at the Gaumont by John Day

By Ted Blowers

I remember how we used to be entertained by local talent at the Gaumont, and one of the best around at that time was John Day. He performed at The Gaumont during the 1947 election, all blacked up with the big white lips and white gloves, singing all the Al Jolson numbers.  He was very good. He also used to perform at the concerts at Tweeddale Road School as he was an old boy - and some nursing homes.  I told him once that he was responsible for a whole lot of us that attended Tweeddale Old Boys driving the neighbourhood mad by belting out Jolson songs, which he had turned us onto.  John was also a good sportsman at both cricket and football, going on to play football for Luton Town FC, Brentford FC.  He finished his career with them, though later he did play a while for Fisher Athletic. The estate over the years produced some very talented people and just after the war there were quite a few talent shows, with lots of tap dancers and singers.

John Day the Jolson impersonator

You shouldn't of have kissed me the first time

John Day the Jolson impersonator

Hello sunshine

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