Safety First

The old woman who lived in a shoe

By Ron Bird

Photo:Safety First Truck 1949

Safety First Truck 1949

Donated by Ron Bird

In 1949 a request at school caused me to join ROSPA - the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. We had various meetings and a visit to ROSPA house in London.

Several pupils from different schools were chosen to act as children of the “Old Woman” who lived in a shoe. The local council provided a truck and a driver to tour the estate with a large boot house mounted on the back. We stopped at schools and various sites. All of us would emerge from the boot along with our “Old Lady” mother and demonstrate safety aspects of crossing the road and how to keep safe in the streets.

The picture was taken in Green Wrythe Lane near the Circle. I am second from the left, the girl on my left and I both came from Glastonbury School. I cannot remember the others, but the girl on the other side of the old lady later married a workmate of mine. I must say the “Old Lady” was quite young - probably in her early thirties.

Old Films

If you are interested in viewing some safety first films of the period click here. [Ed.]

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