The Tavern Football Team

Sunday football

By Peter Yardley

I lived at 212 Central Road, Morden and the The Tavern was our local. I went to Canterbury Road School from 1939-1954.

My brother John played for The Tavern football team on Sundays.I remember some of names and have placed them on the photo.

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My dad Stan also played for this team, my uncle Tommy is bottom right in this Photo

By Antony Mann
On 13/12/2013

Unless my mind is playing tricks with me, I am sure that the Morden and District Sunday league played a match against a North London league at the ground in Farm Road Morden and the match was televised. I believe this was the only Sunday League match to have been televised. It would have been late 50's early 60's in the days when people like Paddy Hasty were playing in the league. if anyone can recall this match it would help to resolve a debate I have been involved in. These were the days when players from Tooting and Mitcham, Sutton and Carshalton etc used to play Sunday football with their mates, before the clubs put their foots down and banned them from playing.

Any contributions to this matter would be welcome, how's your memory fellas.

By John Palmer
On 11/02/2020

Hi John.Yes there was a televised game in 1957/8. I played in goal for St Helier Athletic and had been selected to play in this game. Unfortunately I cracked a bone in my elbow and couldn't play. Paddy Hasty in fact went on to play in the GB Olympic team in 1960 Olympics.

By Reg Crook
On 17/02/2020

Hi Reg      thanks for confirming that. I was at the match but was not sure if the bit about it being televised was a dream!

Sorry to hear you missed the match with injury.

By John Palmer
On 27/02/2020

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