Winchcombe School Song

Do you remember it?

Pamela Laflin (nee Tyler)

I went to Tweedale School in 1952 and stayed until I was old enough to move to Winchcombe Road. At Winchcombe we had a song we sang. I did not like school but it was not that bad. Does any one else remember that song?

      Come to Winchcombe it's a school of misery,

      There's a notice in the window saying 'welcome' unto me.

      Take no notice take, no notice for it's all a pack of lies,

      If it wasn't for the teachers, it would be a paradise.

      Built a bonfire build a bonfire put old Daisy* on the top.

      Put the teachers round the outside and burn the blooming lot.

*Our headmistress

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Tweeddale's song was as follows. Tweeddale will shine tonight Tweeddale will shine. Shine with a golden light, wont that be fine. Where all pepped up tonight that's a good sign, when the Sun goes down and the Moon comes up, Tweeddale will shine.

By Ted Blowers
On 06/02/2014

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