Henry Hoare - Local Landowner

Henry Hoare was a member of the famous London banking family.  He accumulated a great deal of property in the Mitcham/Carshalton area at the end of the 18th century, including most of the area where St. Helier now stands.

When he died in 1828 he instructed that his lands should be sold for the benefit of his grandson Henry, child of his eldest son, William, who had already died.* His other two sons and one daughter did receive substantial legacies, but it  was normal at this time to bequeath most property to the eldest son and his line.

Photo:Title page of 1828 sale catalogue

Title page of 1828 sale catalogue

Sutton Local Studies and Archives

The 1828 Sale

Luckily, a sale catalogue has survived together with a map.** The “Two Compact Farms” mentioned on the title page pictured above were Batts Farm (off the present Green Wrythe Lane) and what later became known as Hill Farm (on Bishopsford  Road).  John Blake, a local auctioneer purchased Batts Farm while Hill Farm was probably purchased by a London banker named Thomas Goodson.  He certainly owned the land in 1841 when he was noted on the census as living in Hill House, adjacent to the farm. This house must have been built some time in the previous thirteen years.

 *The National Archives, PROB 11/1738 (1828); **Sutton Local Records and Archives 2361/2/2  (1828)

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