Glastonbury Youth Club

Tell us your Tales!

By Brian Ransted

Does anyone remember Glastonbury Youth Club?

The picture below is believed to have been taken before a trip to Southend.


Photo:Off to Southend

Off to Southend

Donated by Brian Ransted


From left- Top row -

?, ?, Doug Overy, Joan Leedham, Stan Slade, Sheila Knight, Ron Young, J. Norman, Pauline Johns, Josie Beckwith, Betty Hayes, Sheila Wright, Evie May, Cliff Stewart, ?, ?, Gordon English, Peter Overy, ?, ?, ?.

From left - Bottom row -

?, ?, ?, ?, Enid Hayes, ?, ?Overy, ?Overy.

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 I do  look from time to time, to see if there is anyone I know from those days!!  I was  a regular at the club in the late '40's early 50's.  Remember it all  so well, I think table tennis was very popular!!  With sounds of Jonny Ray....Teresa Brewer ..Put another Nickel In !!! etc. being played.  Took  a close look at the coach party....the only names that sprang to mind  ...the  Overy Bros   Doug & Pete...Evie May and Josie Beckwith.....happy days.

By Freddie Knopp
On 18/12/2014

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