Memories of Nan and Grandad Ford

Tintern Road

By Hilary Ford

Photo:The change to 'new money'

The change to 'new money'

Having recently had my first article published on this site about visiting my grandparents at Tintern Rd all through the 60s, I've recalled some more memories about them that I would like to share.

Grandad Ford was a well known local character I believe, due to him having a window cleaning round and running a lottery for the Spastic society which involved him calling on people to collect the money and deliver prizes when people won. The prizes were chosen from a brochure containing a choice of household items , like candy striped sheets, towels, saucepans etc. I remember my mum being thrilled when she won and chose a set of Salter kitchen scales which she is still using to this day. Part of Grandads round involved collecting from his customers in The Rose pub, I think he thoroughly enjoyed talking to people and stayed out for hours, much to Nan's annoyance when she had his dinner ready!

In 1970 there was much talk about the coming decimalisation looming in Feb 1971 and we wondered how Nan and Grandad would cope with the change, especially Grandad with his round. As it turned out he never got to see as on new years eve 1970 while collecting from his customers in the pub he sadly suffered a fatal heart attack.

Nan lived for many more years in Tintern Rd on her own, still doing the daily walk down "The Lane" to buy her groceries even though she now had a fridge and could have shopped weekly. I think the walk actually kept her fit and mobile, she must have been doing something right as she lived to the age of 98.

I doubt if there is anyone living at St Helier now who would remember my Grandparents, but it would be great if this article did jog someone's memory.

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