Number 3 School Juniors

Inter-School Athletics

By John Palmer

I found this old photo of the number 3 school juniors cricket team in 1950. I am not in the photo as I had a broken arm at the time but I can remember all the faces without exception, although I can only put names to two. The lad 3rd from right in the front row is Frankie Reed and the lad second from right in the back row is Alan Port. I could have a stab at some of the others but I am sure there is somebody out there who can help me put names to the rest of the team. Football, Cricket, Athletics, Boxing the school gave us the opportunity to have a go at everything and we were all very active kids as a result. I must stop there before I rant on about the good old days!


This is a very good photo of the much respected headmaster Mr. Morris presenting the cup to the winners of the inter school athletics competition.

I am the untidy one second from right with socks rolled down and number missing representing number 3 school with the girl on the left and we obviously shared the cup with number 10 school Tweeddale. As other contributors to the site have said, sport was a very important part of our life growing up in those days. This photo would have been around 1951.


Photo:No3 School Cricket Team

No3 School Cricket Team

Donated by John Palmer

Photo:Headmaster Mr Morris presenting cup at the Inter School Athletics

Headmaster Mr Morris presenting cup at the Inter School Athletics

Donated by John Palmer

This page was added by John Palmer on 10/08/2016.
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Hi John,

My wife's persistence at the computer at the age of 75 found your comments and photos, in particular No.3 junior school cricket team 1950.   I'm the little guy behind the board, next to Frankie Reed.  Like you I recognise faces but cannot bring to mind their names, only one.   I'm thinking that the guy you call Alan Port is, in fact, Alan Porter who unfortunately died in a boxing accident, I believe he was accidentally hit in the throat and his wind pipe was either broken or crushed?????

I was born and bred in Carshalton in 1940 and attended all three No.3 schools.   I can also identify myself in headmaster Mr.Morris' Prefect photo - back row far left.

By Len Coppin
On 17/08/2016

Hello Len  I can confirm the lad at the back is Alan Port who lived just around the corner from me on the corner of Missenden gardens and Leominster road and his dad was our milkman Jack Port who appears in the article about milkmen on the estate. The boxing rumours arose because Alan, myself and Roy Tait who were all in junior school fought in an inter school boxing competition over at the senior school. it was not too long, can't remember how long, after this that Alan died and people thought it may have been due to the boxing-- bearing in mind we were only around 11 years of age at the time and did not hit very hard. My memory is that Alan was born with something like a twisted gut that was never discovered until it was too late, but only his family know the true facts. Like yourself I was born in 1940 and started in the sand-pit class and I am hoping that someone with a good memory will be able to help us put names to all the cricket team, I can only remember some of the first names.

There was a well known boxer on the estate called Ken Potter who fought Billy Walker amongst others but I don't know what happened to Ken in later life.

By John Palmer
On 21/08/2016

Hello John,

Thanks for tidying up Alan Porter's boxing mystery.   Yes, I remember Ken Potter and if my memory is correct he trained at the Rose Hill Boxing Club and I also think there was a family tie up with Don Cockle who fought Rocky Marciano in 1955/56 - what happened to him in later life if a mystery.

While we're on the subject of boxing, do you remember the lad, probably two years older than us, Johnny Skidmore who fought in the ABA Schools' Championships but getting beaten in the quarter or semi-finals - fantastic achievement.

I also remember Reggie Becket and his brother Jimmy; also Derek Becket.  Jimmy had a fruit and veg stall at Willow Lane, Mitcham adjacent to the station.  Another memory which springs to mind is the building of the prefabs by the German prisoners of war from Green Wrythe Lane up to Middleton Road going towards St.Helier Hospital.  I also recollect the building of the Gordon Pirie cinder track opposite Tweeddale School.

By Len Coppin
On 29/08/2016

Hi Len    I was only talking to somebody the other day about Johnny Skidmore! He lived near to me in Missenden Gardens and he had a brother Cliff who was a bit younger than us and also went to number 3 school Lilleshall Road. Of all the names you hear mentioned on the estate about boxing you very rarely hear John's name. He came across as a very unassuming guy but when he got in the ring he was a real fighter. I thought he went all the way in the ABA Schoolboys championships but it will be in the records somewhere. He was probably one of the best fighters that No 3 school ever produced, he was a bit of an unsung hero.  Great memories.

By John Palmer
On 03/09/2016

I left in 1952 and was a prefect for a time. The boxer I remember was Lennie Farrier. I remember him losing a fight but taking the cup for most stylish boxer. The name Skidmore rings a bell but the memory isn't so good. 

By Jack. Goodchild.
On 15/10/2016

I attended Glastonbury senior school from 1952 to 1954 before leaving for Tweedale on their engineering course. Ken Potter was in the grammar stream at Glastonbury from 1952 to 1955 and was the half brother of Don Cockell sharing the same mother  who lived in a house next to the Rose Hill Gaumont cinema. He was a very nice lad who never picked on others even when at that age he was obviously an up and coming boxer. Apart from one day when he was picked on by a much older lad of sixteen or seventeen when he literally  knocked him out with one punch. He was also a very good footballer who played on the right wing even though he was a heavy weight even at that age. He never actually got into the school team at that position as it was me who kept him out but he never showed any animosity towards me for it. 

By Ray Vail
On 27/10/2016

I never went to No 3 school (Garth) having attended Tweedale from 1954 to 1957 but I do remember this Frankie Reed as a young lad in the photograph as an opposing footballer and cricketer. In one cricket match on his own ground when we were both 16 I knocked him all over the field for 65 not out and taking 7 wickets for 13 runs. I was awarded a Star newspaper cricket bat for this achievement but a far more lingering memory still niggles me to this day 60 years later. On the return match on our home ground at Poulters Park he bowled me out first ball. Frank Reed was also a very good footballer and we both played for the St Helier schools district team. Although we were never friends, living on opposite sides of the district, he is the only lad I remember from Garth school due to that damn game of cricket. If he ever reads this article I don't hold grudges and wish him well and often wonder if he remembers the games like I do.

By Ray Vail
On 01/11/2016

Hi, just to let you know that Ken Potter is married with 4 children and living in Hampshire. It was his 80th Birthday five days ago and he's as well as his age permits. He said one of his mates dad, sold the papers at the Rose Pub.

Dean (son)

By Dean Potter
On 16/06/2020

Hi Dean, Like your Dad I have now joined the ranks of the 80 year olds.   You mentioned a paper seller at the Rose Hill Pub.  I think the guy's name was Wiltshire, sorry I can't remember his Christian name.   Does Dad remember one of the barrow boys, Brooks, who I worked for on a Saturday morning.  Washing soot from celery with a scrubbing brush - my hands are still cold now!  I would try and get out of the wind by using Smith's, the undertakers, wall as protection.! Regards,Len Coppin 

By Mr L H Coppin
On 11/10/2020

Hi Len, I would first like to make a correction for my dad's age. It turns out that whilst I was celebrating his 80th birthday, everyone else was celebrating his 79th. I asked him if he remembered the barrow boys and he said he too worked for 'Brooksy' as did virtually everyone! Alfred Smith the undertaker had two sons, Tony the eldest and dads mate Robin. Alfred was a keen angler and went salmon fishing in Scotland. The catch was cooked by his wife and they shared it with dad. Tony was a boxer as was Wally Beckett who lived locally just around the corner. The Becketts had a large family and dad played cricket over the fields with Reggie. Mum said she remembers the celery from Brooks being coved in black soot but doesn't know why (obviously not bought on a Saturday) Another of dad's school friends is Mick Clover who he speaks to weekly on the phone. 

Regards, Dean

By Dean Potter
On 03/11/2020

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